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Nepal is the largest country where you can visit to enjoy adventurous or cultural trip. These both types of trips are possible here because of bio-diversity, rich culture and many more factors. Nobody can miss to enjoy the richness of nature in Nepal in the lifetime and everything here you will see is new to you and will be good chance to live very close to monasteries. The ultimate challenge of Everest base camp trek offers breathtaking mountain panoramas, if you like to walk, this is one of the most inspiring places in the world to do it. There are number of adventurous activities which you can play in the rich Nepal only because of its amazing geographical variations.

What makes Nepal trekking amazing?

There are number of adventurous sports which are played by tourists to have fun in the Nepal and they must give them pleasing experience in the high Himalayas. Here is few of the most exciting and popular adventurous sports which you will enjoy during Nepal trekking including:

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Jungle safari
  • Bungee jumping
  • Everest sky diving
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountain fights
  • Peak climbing
  • White water rafting etc.

Nepal is the wonderful country which is known as number one country that creates endless chances for tourism. Everest base camp trek is the world famous trek and it is a difficult type of trek is not easy for everyone. You need professional assistance to cover this trek but it will be your lifetime memory to arrive at the highest peak and to see the breathtaking sight of high Himalayas. If you are looking for fully personalized and specialized trekking services then Experience The Himalayas is the name you can trust for highest level of service and support.

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If you love adventure or want to enjoy the richness of nature then this is time to plan a trip to Nepal trekking. Nepal is the beautiful country creates endless options to enjoy the exciting views of nature and it is the perfect place for tourists. There are number of things that make the Nepal, a must visit place for people throughout the world. Whenever you plan a trip to Nepal then you will be able to see the real nature at high Himalayas and the incredible mountain scenery must cherish your life. To visit Himalayas can be one of the most exciting experience for the visitors and it is the ultimate option will definitely give you adventurous feel.

What Makes Nepal Trekking Amazing?

Nepal trekking is the most popular trip for the tourists from the world and it is the only trip that gives you chance to stay sometime in the lap of nature. Different treks to Nepal are suitable to different trekkers with different time limit and budget so you can choose according to your preferences. There are number of things that put their part to make Nepal trekking amazing including: high mountains, rich culture, rich food tradition, valleys of Nepal, kind hearted people of Nepal and so on.

There are eight treks in Nepal which are from the top ten in the world where Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit trek are two most popular and difficult type of treks. There are number of exotic places in Nepal and valleys where you will go through during trekking in Nepal. With the professional trekking services, it will be great for you to create unforgettable experience in Nepal and to enjoy the richness of Himalayas. It is the only area where you can get a close eye to the nature or can experience the new feel of life. If you need professional trekking services and support to plan successful trip then prefer to Experience The Himalayas for required assistance.

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If you are planning for trekking in Nepal then you will have plenty of options to choose from. You need to consider a number of useful factors in mind to ensure the effectiveness of your trip and to have unforgettable experience of trekking. The Nepal is the largest country with endless sights and things to enjoy. When you plan a trip to Nepal then you need to consider a number of things in order to have wonderful experience of sightseeing. The most common things that you should consider when planning a trip in Nepal are: trek, season, route, transportation medium and so on.

Why to Go for Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Annapurna circuit is the largest trek in the world and it resides in Nepal which is successful to grab attention from the trekking lovers. Trekking in Nepal can be ultimate if you prefer to any of the longest trek as it will give you chance to enjoy incredible sights of nature from highest mounts. Your trip can be enjoyable, challenging and adventurous so you cannot miss the largest treks in Nepal like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit trek.

Annapurna circuit is a challenging trek and it is perfect whenever you have maximum time to enjoy as it is 16 days trip. It is a difficult type of trip and you will receive basic accommodation facilities during the trek and the season recommended for this trip is May to October. The cost for this trek can be about £749 for any number of members. In order to ensure safety and effectiveness during the trek, it is highly recommended to go with a reputed or dedicated trekking agency like Experience The Himalayas. It is the UK based trekking agency with wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide professional assistance to trekkers.

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The adventure lovers around the world would like plan a adventurous trip that enables you to enjoy adventurous sights. Nepal is one of the richest country that creates endless opportunities for adventurous trip and sightseeing. This is the country with rich geographical variations invent the trekking activity that is being highly popular among the trekkers around the world. If you really love adventure and want to enjoy exotic trip in the lap of nature then don’t miss trekking in Nepal. To plan trekking in Nepal is one of the most adorable choices and will definitely suit you to create unforgettable memory.

Tips To Prepare For Everest Base Camp Trek

When it comes to trekking in Nepal then there are number of options to choose from and you can choose the trek as per your budget and time preference. Before you start your trek it is important for you to be familiar with the basic needs that will help you to prepare for trip such as:

  • Gather information regarding weather in the particular region you are going to trek
  • Drink plenty of water when it comes to Everest base camp trek because you need heavy walking
  • Prepare mentally and physically for this incredible and challenging trek
  • Select the right season for trek for health and safety
  • Be slowly and steady
  • Be familiar with altitude sickness on the high mountains
  • Carry the right clothes and equipments to endure the extreme weather conditions
  • Go with a reputed or certified trekking agency like Experience The Himalayas

The above mentioned tips are very common and will definitely help you for the purpose of health and safety. Everest base camp trek is one of the most critical type of trek which require professional assistance for a number of factors. If you are looking for a reliable and specialized trekking partner to plan Everest base camp trek then Experience The Himalayas is the best place.

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Nepal trekking is the most adventurous activity done by the adventure lovers and other people during vacation. You can visit Nepal for two type of trips such as: adventure travel and cultural trip. You can relish the jaw dropping beauty of Nepal with reliable traveling partner. It is perfect place to visit for those who just want to explore the beauty of nature or want a eco-friendly trip to relish the lifestyle. You can fully enjoy your trip with quality service and travel assistance so you need to find a specialized travel agency.

Why Annapurna Circuit is Ultimate Choice?

Having reference of a reliable or specialized trekking agency will definitely help you to get thrilling experience of sightseeing in Nepal. Most people would prefer to Nepal trekking to enjoy the exotic sights of nature. There are number of options to enjoy in Nepal and you will also enjoy the living style of sherpa people. The rich culture of Nepal also gives you a chance to know more about the Nepal and its citizens. The scenery of high mountains is really beautiful which will give you chance to enjoy with friends or group of members with you.

If we talk about the treks in Nepal then these treks are categorized into three different groups including: long trek, short trek and medium trek. The long treks are perfect to those who want fully adventurous trip and Annapurna circuit is one of that kind of trek. It is the perfect trek to enjoy beauty of high-mountains and to explore the richness of nature with exotic and enjoyable views. For a real adventure in Nepal Annapurna circuit is the ultimate option will definitely suit you. If you need professional assistance to arrange a comfortable and safe trek then simply prefer to Experience The Himalayas. For more details visit at: http://experiencenepaltrekking.com/

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When it comes to trekking in Nepal then there are number of factors you need to consider in order to have a safe and unforgettable experience. There are number of treks, routes and valleys which make Nepal is a richest country in the world. There are number of such reasons which make the Nepal a beautiful place to represent the wellness of nature. There are different options for trekking in Nepal which contain different routes and valleys so you can plan your trip to any of the trek that suits to your budget, preferences and time duration.

What Is Good About Poon Hill Trek?

Nepal is the richest country and it has a number of exciting treks which are categorized into three most popular types including:

  • Short treks
  • Medium treks
  • Large treks

These categories are based on the time duration that is required to complete a trek. You can select as per your preference of can make your itinerary unforgettable. Poon hill trek is considered as the short trek as it requires 7 to 8 days for trip only. This trek is in the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal where you will definitely enjoy the majestic view of sunrise. The tourists would like to see the sunrise view which cherish your lifestyle and will delight you.

There are other majestic views which make poon hill trek, an ultimate choice for adventurous trip. Basically, the trek is perfect for those who have limited budget and time for trekking in Nepal. The trek may start from pokhara city which is the paradise for nature lovers. If you really love adventure and want to enjoy unbelievable and exciting views in Nepal then this is time to prefer Poon hill trek. The trek doesn’t contain too much risk or difficulties as it is perfect trek that is suitable to every type of tourists. If you really want to plan a short trek in Nepal for the coming holidays then consult with Experience The Himalayas.

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The people love travel during vacations due to number of reasons and it is being one of the common activity among them. The adventure lovers can outshine their itinerary while going for trekking in Nepal which is one of the most fascinating choice among tourists across the world. There are number of reasons behind the increased popularity of Nepal trekking among trekkers as it is perfect option to take a close look at wonderful monasteries of Himalayas. There are top eight peaks in the Nepal which are popular among the top ten across the world. Everest base camp trek is the most preferred option for trekking which comes with incredible options for enjoyment and pleasure.

Consider the best season for Nepal trekking

If you are ready to enjoy trek to high mounts then you can consider the season or can prefer the relevant region. Everest base camp trek is exciting and challenging which gives you the opportunity to trek in some of the most breath taking scenery in the Himalayas and set your eyes on the world’s highest summit. Basically, the seasons for Nepal trekking are categorized into four major types as per the different seasons in the year such as: Autumn season, Sprint season, Winter and Summer.

Nepal trekking is popular due to a number of exciting reasons and it is being worlds’ best option for trekking, hiking and walking purpose. The rich culture, rich food tradition and other majestic views of nature make it most advisable option for you. To have reference of highly dedicated and specialized trekking agency will definitely help you to have a successful trekking experience. A trekking agency must arrange a safe and effective package for you which involves everything that you need during the trek. Experience Nepal Trekking is the highly devoted agency offers professional service and support for the Nepal trekking.

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If you love adventure and willing to explore adventure treks at highest mountains then you can easily prefer to Nepal trekking. It is such a great option to have ultimate experience of trekking that is all about finding nature and to enjoy adventurous views. There are number of things to enjoy in Nepal such as: rich culture, food and other geographic changes. The trek offers spectacular scenery of mountains and must cherish your lifestyle completely. You will be able to enjoy the live stimulating mountain air while you are totally captured with the breathtaking view of the gigantic Himalayas.

Nepal is one of the largest country with majestic views will definitely help you to create an unforgettable memory in life with Nepal trekking. There are several majestic views which will give you real feel of nature and will make your travel amazing. You will receive safe travel, comfortable accommodation, quality food, top guides and many more from the trekking agency. In order to ensure superiority of your trip, you need reference of highly dedicated trekking agency like Experience Nepal Trekking. You will have one of the most beautiful experience of life at high mounts of Himalayas with the top guide and porters.

Poon hill trek is shortest trek in Nepal will give you an unforgettable experience of expedition. It is known as one of the shortest and easies trek that ramble through the ethnic villages of Annapurna region. Trekking in Nepal and its different regions is truly a blessing will give you ultimate feel which is quite different from the real life. To find a trekking agency is really important for the success of your trip so you can go for Experience Nepal Trekking for highly specialized trekking services. The company has ability to facilitate a safe package for you to make your itinerary ultimate.

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Recent earthquake has ruined Nepal badly and these earthquakes have unimaginable impact over the lifestyle, economy and other aspects. It has greatly affected the tourism as people feel fear to visit this country after earthquake as they may imagine it is now a pile of rubble. This is quite wrong imagination as several investigations are done which let you know the Nepal is completely safe to visit and to live. You can now think of trekking in Nepal to explore adventure as several investigations are done to scrutinize whether Nepal is safe or not.

Nepal is wonderful city popular for tourism due to its rich culture and highest mounts which is also available now. It has reopened the popular temples, hotels, restaurants and many more public places for tourism. The tourism has biggest part in the income of Nepal so you can help it to generate income with a visit to Nepal and its regions. Number of visitors has done their trip after earth quake and they are happy with their safe itinerary there because Nepal is completely safe to visit. Some major roads are reopened, but many roads in the mountains are blocked by earthquake.

You can now place for Everest base camp trek, Poon hill trek or Annapurna circuit trek but Langtang trek will remain close due to great impact of disaster. There is no doubt Nepal is rich country with natural beautiful sights which are still available after the recent earth quake. If you are really planning for trekking then you can get professional assistance from leading a trekking agency. Experience Nepal Trekking is the certified agency with ability to arrange a safe and comfortable trek for you. The company has extensive experience to facilitate a trip for you so you can contact it for professional assistance.

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If you are willing to spend your coming holidays in the way which is quite different from the real life then this is time to go for trekking. It is one of the amazing options to arrive at highest point in the world and to enjoy with beautiful natural scenery. You can prefer to trekking in Nepal or can enjoy real feel of nature at the high altitude of Himalayas. Trekking services have most important role in your travel and the professionals can facilitate a successful trek for you. It is really important to find a leading travel agency for the successful trekking experience as the company must provide professional assistance for this overall activity.

There are many reasons behind the increased popularity of Nepal trekking and whenever you have reference of highly dedicated travel agency then you will be able to make it a lifetime moment. There are number of reasons to go for Nepal trekking and you can enjoy majestic views of nature at high altitude. You will even receive professional guide to make this trip an unforgettable experience of life. In this way, it is right to say that travel agency has most crucial role to make your itinerary successful.

Annapurna circuit is one of the highly popular treks and it is mainly preferred by trekkers and adventure seekers for sight-seeing. You will receive complete advice and support from travel agency in order to ensure safety and effectiveness of your trip. The major things that will definitely inspire in Nepal are: majestic waterfall, snow-capped mounts, huge glaciers, rich culture and geographical variations. Going for Nepal trekking is perfect choice for holidays as you will be able to spend some time of your life in tea houses or will enjoy wonderful scenery of nature. If you need professional trekking services today then Experience Nepal Trekking is right place for required assistance.

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