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Nepal is the largest country where you can visit to enjoy adventurous or cultural trip. These both types of trips are possible here because of bio-diversity, rich culture and many more factors. Nobody can miss to enjoy the richness of nature in Nepal in the lifetime and everything here you will see is new to you and will be good chance to live very close to monasteries. The ultimate challenge of Everest base camp trek offers breathtaking mountain panoramas, if you like to walk, this is one of the most inspiring places in the world to do it. There are number of adventurous activities which you can play in the rich Nepal only because of its amazing geographical variations.

What makes Nepal trekking amazing?

There are number of adventurous sports which are played by tourists to have fun in the Nepal and they must give them pleasing experience in the high Himalayas. Here is few of the most exciting and popular adventurous sports which you will enjoy during Nepal trekking including:

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Jungle safari
  • Bungee jumping
  • Everest sky diving
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountain fights
  • Peak climbing
  • White water rafting etc.

Nepal is the wonderful country which is known as number one country that creates endless chances for tourism. Everest base camp trek is the world famous trek and it is a difficult type of trek is not easy for everyone. You need professional assistance to cover this trek but it will be your lifetime memory to arrive at the highest peak and to see the breathtaking sight of high Himalayas. If you are looking for fully personalized and specialized trekking services then Experience The Himalayas is the name you can trust for highest level of service and support.

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